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Escalino Powered Stairclimber

The escalino is the convenient stairclimber for every day, at home or on the road, inside or outside.  Due to its patented climbing kinematics the escalino overcomes easily and safely the most diverse stairs and provides you with a higher quality of life because it increases your mobility considerably.
  • Patented climbing kinematics
  • Overcomes easily and safely the most diverse types of stairs
  • High comfort due to an optimum climbing performance
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Single step mode, manual turn off
  • Suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 120 kg
  • Maximum total weight of 155 kg
Escalino Powered Stairclimber
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Escalino Stairclimber

Product Downloads

Escalino Powered Stairclimber Brochure.pdf

MHS Fire Evacuation.pdf

Technical Data
approved total weight 155 kg
max. weight of the person 120 kg
climbing speed approx. 14 steps per minute
range with one charge of the batteries and an average load of 75 kg approx. 30 levels (equals 450 steps)
max. height of step 210 mm
width 518 | 458 mm (without arm rests)
depth 725 mm
height 1255 | 1515 mm
batteries 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah
direct current motor 24 V / 200 W
weight, climbing unit 22,0 kg
weight, C part plus seat 3,8 kg
weight, back rest 7,5 kg
weight, both arm rests 1,5 kg
total weight 35,0 kg
width, height, depth, seat 358 mm / 524 mm / 425 mm
The escalino’s unique climbing system works reliably on the most diverse stair coverings such as wood, stone, metal, PVC or carpet, since it is equipped with climbers rather than wheels. The safety brakes automatically stop at each step’s edge, thus the escalino’s handling is particularly easy. Very little physical power is necessary because the powerful electrical motor takes over the climbing entirely. The escalino manages up to 8 floors—depending on the load—with one battery charge.

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