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Powered Cargomaster C141 and C171 Electric Stairclimbers

Regardless of what you need to transport, be it boxes, crates, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, tiles, paper, cement, tools, gas- or oxygen tanks, cleaning equipment, radiators, barrels - you name it - CargoMaster is the solution!
Powered Cargomaster C141 and C171
Stairclimber Beer Kegs c141 & c171 Cargo Stairclimber Cylinder Handling c141 & c171 Cargo Stairclimber Freezer c141 & c171 Cargo Holder for Grocery Boxes c141 Stairclimber Accessory Hook for Crates c141 Stairclimber Accessory Hook on Toe Plate c141 Stairclimber Accessory In Car Charger c141 Stairclimber Accessory Pneumatic Tires c141 Stairclimber Accessory Stairclimber Trolley c141 & c171 Cargo Stairclimber Water Carrier c141 & c171 Cargo Stairclimber Wheelie Bin c141 & c171 Cargo Water Carrier Stairclimber c141 & c171 Cargo c141 Powered Cargo Stairclimber & c171 Cargo Support for Round Goods c141 Stairclimber Accessory Support for Washer and Dryers c141 Stairclimber Accessory Various Toe Plates c141 Stairclimber Accessory Vertical Lifter 100kg Electric Operation c141 Stairclimber Accessory Vertical Lifter 100kg Manual Operation c141 Stairclimber Accessory Wheel for Transportation c141 Stairclimber Accessory Battery Pack c141 Stairclimber Accessory Battery Pack Large Capacity c141 Stairclimber Accessory c141 Cargo Powered Stairclimber & c171 Cargo Carpeted Back Plate c141 Stairclimber Accessory
Just as powered drilling, sawing or milling is a matter of course nowadays, one climbs stairs in a powered way with the CargoMaster. One person alone can carry loads up to 140 kg quickly and with virtually no physical effort safely and easily up- and downstairs. The most decisive advantages of the CargoMaster are its low weight of merely 19.5 kg (without the batteries) and its easy handling. All CargoMaster models are equipped with solid rubber tires that are flat proof. Also safety brakes and a fold-in toe plate that locks (for transportation in small delivery vehicles) are standard features as well. To be able to use the CargoMaster at any time, you may also charge the batteries in your car (with the optional 12 V or 24 V charging cables).

Product Downloads


Mobility Pocket Guide.pdf

MHS Solutions Range.pdf


Technical data
lifting capacity [kg] 140
climbing speed [steps/min] 8 - 30
capacity with one battery charge [floors, depending on load] 15 - 30
voltage [V] 24
batteries [V/Ah] 2 x 12/5
weight without batteries [kg/lbs] 19.5/43
weight of batteries [kg/lbs] 4.5/10
smallest size [H x W x D - cm] 138 x 45 x 30
handlebars [extendible to mm] --

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