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Goods Lift
Goods Lift is designed to fully integrate with a Mezzanine floor.

Loading Bay - Dock Lifts

Loading Bay - Dock Lifts

Loading Bay Lift / dock lift based on static scissor table 5000kg partially concentrated load to accommodate a fork lift truck. Loading bay lift installed in an existing pit with fixed loading ramp at one short end.

Platform size depth 3000mm x width 2000mm with a travel dock height 1200mm. Power Pack 4Hp – Positioned inboard of frame, Self-Weight 2000kg, Rising Speed 33mm/sec, Lowering Speed ‹15mm /s and safety perimeter Included.

Finish corrosion protection factory treated primed and painted with two top coats hard enamel in Black. On board control pendant – platform rise and lower with E stop Platform floor finish durbar chequer plate.

Hand Railing Installed onto both long sides, 1100mm high with central knee bar and bottom kick plate factory finish in Black. Included at one short end of the platform is an automatic wheel stop, wheel stop is raised when the platform is docked at upper level and is lowered when the lift is in the pit.

Interlocking by activity around perimeter safety edge, roller shutter sectional door must be closed to enable lift to lower roller shutter sectional door will not open until lift returns to the upper level. The 3 opening sides of the Loading Bay Lift are fitted with safety roller blinds that raise and lower with the lift.

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