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Goods Lift
Goods Lift is designed to fully integrate with a Mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Goods Lifts External

Mezzanine Goods Lifts External

Goods Lift Triple Vertical Scissor Lift Table 1500kg with a lift stroke 4500mm available limited to the required height using an adjustable upper limit switch raised height 5200mm closed height 700mm.

Platform size 2200mm x 1200mm Platform enclosure 1100mm high galvanised mild steel handrails complete with mid rail and 150mm high kick plates suitable for mounting along one long side, one short end and one half of the remaining long side. 

The remaining short end will be fitted with a fully clad single outward opening hinged gate complete with interlock.  The remaining opening on the other long side will be fitted with a gas assisted drop down bar with interlock.

To prevent sway in scissor mechanism during loading in elevated position by mechanically tying the moving platform into floor/mezzanine mounted channels.

Electrical control system Protected system, with lockable enclosure for mounting adjacent to power pack suitable to facilitate the installation and operation of all gate interlocks and ‘call and send’ controls.

Electrical components Upper & lower limit switches for mounting into the lift shaft to indicate platform position, 1 No auto-locking interlock for each external and internal access gate (we will assume four interlocks for this quote, two of these will be free issued to fit into the doors to be done by others.

Power 3ph 415v, 3Kw remote unit complete with 3M hydraulic hose and cabling.  The power pack will then be housed within a protective cover. 

Electrics to be IP65. Controls 2 x call/send hand controls for mounting at upper and or lower floor landings. 

Platform mounted controls are not supplied. Finish constructed in mild steel. If the lift is installed out in the open and is exposed to all weather conditions, we include a self-coloured hot dip galvanised finish to the handrails, bridge plates, platform, scissors and base frame.

This will help ensure the lift retains a good finish, as a painted finish may deteriorate and allow the inset of corrosion, after painted surface finishes have been abraded, knocked and chipped. All other items are in standard finish e.g. mild steel hydraulic cylinder rods with mild steel casings in painted finish.

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