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Goods Lift
Goods Lift is designed to fully integrate with a Mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Gloucester

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Gloucester

Mezzanine Goods Lift installed Gloucester a triple scissor table with a 1500kg capacity evenly distributed load pit installed.

Platform size 2500mm long & 1520mm wide, with smooth top plate, handrails and gates 1100mm high handrails to both long sides and 1 short side Single outward opening gate on other short side, electrically interlocked type 1.

Closed height 750mm with a travel 4600mm. Goods Lift fitted with aluminium safety frame with built in safety function. If the safety frame is touched on its way down, the Lift stops immediately.

To continue lowering, the table has to be raised a little to be able to lower again. 2 x controls (located at ground and 1st floor levels) UP & DOWN latching hand control units with EMERGENCY STOP button and 4 meter long cable.

Operation 2.3 kW compact electro-motor with hydraulic pump unit and adequately sized oil tank wired to IP55 Standard Power unit is located outside the lift power supply 400 Volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz and control voltage 24 Volts with IP55 insulated electrics.

Lift enclosure at ground and 1st floor levels, the table will be guarded to 1 long side by a partition wall. We will supply and fit guarding to the remaining 3 sides: At ground level: 3 sided steel mesh enclosure measuring 2.9m x 1.9m x 3.9m (L x W x H) At 1st floor level: 3 sided steel mesh enclosure measuring 2.9m x 1.9m x 1.1m (L x W x H) At both levels there will be a single outwards opening gate to allow access.

Both gates will be fitted with Electrical & Mechanical interlocks to prevent the platform moving if the gate is not shut and prevent the gate from opening unless the platform is parked.

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