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Goods Lift
Goods Lift is designed to fully integrate with a Mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Manchester

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Manchester

Mezzanine Goods Lift installed Manchester 4000kg high lift scissor table for lifting goods to a second floor Goods Lift. Travel 1200mm minimum to 5700mm maximum from floor (4500mm of stroke). Platform size 2500mm long x 3500mm wide overall top platform. The fixed end of the table will be on the 3500mm side to ensure that when the table is in the raised position there will be deflection along the whole length whilst loading table. Platform fitted with Anti slip surface (checker plate).

HAND RAILS – 1100mm high heavy duty welded handrails with kick boards, fitted to both 2500mm sides.

SAFETY GATES – 1100mm high heavy duty welded safety gates with kick boards, fitted to both 3500mm sides, outwards opening – saloon type.

INTERLOCKING GATES – All gates will be interlocking, which will ensure that the table cannot be operated if the gates on the table or the external gates are in the open position.

All gates will need to be closed for the table to raise or lower.

EXTERNAL GATES – The scissor table will be protected by external gates and rails on both the lower and upper floors. These gates and rails will be also be interlocked.

SAFETY EDGE – There is a built in safety function in the safety frame. If the Safety Frame is touched on its way down, the Lift stops immediately. To continue lowering, the table has to be raised a little to be able to lower again.

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