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Goods Lift
Goods Lift is designed to fully integrate with a Mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Rochdale Lancashire

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Rochdale Lancashire

Mezzanine Goods Lift 500kg installed Rochdale Greater Manchester Lancashire in a self-supporting clad structure comprised of infilled sheet steel cladded panels painted White RAL 9010 platform size 1500mm x 1500mm finished in Traffic Red RAL 3020 and lift height 3150mm.

Mezzanine goods lift having twin metal doors 1350mm wide with viewing glass fitted at both levels with push buttons integrated in the door frame.

Elevator Safety lock with CE mark according EN81-2, door closer, automatic mechanical lock and unlock from the platform in the door zone (100 mm).


Goods lift is fitted with “Press to Go” one touch controls at both levels with a lift speed 0,13 m/s. Safety chain 24 VDC, Rupture valve, CRS electronic safety unit according  EN81-2 A3 to prevent unintended movement – allowing a person to enter on the platform during loading only.

Electrics and Hydraulic pump all housed in a metal cabinet dimensions 600mm x 730mm x 570mm. Supplied with 100mm ramp painted Traffic Red RAL 3020.

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