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Goods Lift
Goods Lift is designed to fully integrate with a Mezzanine floor.

Split Level Bay Lifts

Split Level Bay Lifts

Split Level Bay Lift installed Horsham West Sussex with maximum working load 500kg. The platform will be 1400mm x 1200mm and guarded with auto-erect rails on the non-loading edges.

The bay lift will be supported by a steel framework, bolted into the floor at ground (lower) level and when not in use the lift will fold up at the upper level but the mounting frame will protrude 600mm from the back wall.

A 20 amp, 240 volt, single-phase supply is required terminated in a double pole switch at the lower level. Control is via a hold to run handle on the power pack close to the supply.

Loading Bay Lift Platform is compact and can be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor location and is perfect for moving and handling loads between different floor levels. 

The height restriction is maximum 2 metres making the Bay Lift an ideal solution against loading bays and loading docks. Due to the very low closed height the Bay Lift can be installed directly on the floor without the need of a shallow pit.

The platform folds up when not in use to minimise floor space. Operation is 240V, 20A electrical supply – hold to run controls. Bespoke platform sizes can be accommodated with capacities from 500kg – 1500kg SWL.

Bay Lift will accommodate safely floor to floor transfer for the following applications; Wheelie Bins, Refuse Containers, Supermarket Cages, Roll Cages, Pallets, Supermarket Trolleys, Barrels, Drum Handling, Cylinder Handling, Laundry Cages.

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